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Linden Tea

The linden tea is a wonderful and helpful tea. It is used in many countries against colds, headaches and to calm the nervous system. There are different linden trees but they don’t have many differences and the tea has the same properties.

How can you get your hands on linden flowers? Well, it is simple. You have to find a linden tree, or you can grow one in your own garden if you like and you just have to wait for the right time of the year when the tree starts to flourish. Then all you have to do is gather its flowers and leave them for about 3-4 days to dry off.

The linden tree starts to flourish in the first half of June starting with Tilia plathphyllos, that is the first linden tree that shows his flowers then after that in about 2 weeks comes the Tilia tomentosa and in the late July comes Tilia cordata.

What benefits do you get from drinking this kind of tea?

Well, to begin with, it helps your immune system and prevents you from getting colds. This drink is indicated when you are cold or when your throat hurts or if you have an irritation in your throat. In these cases it is indicated to drink a hot cup of linden tea sweetened with one or two teaspoons of honey.

A second benefit that you will get from drinking this tea is that it will calm down your nervous system. If you are really stressed or if you had a bad day, a cup of linden tea after work or before going to bed will help you relax and relief some of the stress that you’ve accumulated during the day.

Speaking of going to bed, because this tea helps your nervous system it also helps you to get a good night sleep. So, if you know you suffer from insomnia or you have problems resting well, a big hot cup of linden tea before going to bed every night for about one or two weeks, or even longer if you feel the need, will help you get a good night sleep. But, be careful, if you wish to drink tea before going to bet, try doing it without sweetening the tea with honey or, worst, try not to add sugar. Honey will give you energy and will stimulate your heart beat and rise your pulse so therefore you won’t have a good sleep. Sugar is worst because, not only that it will act exactly like the honey, but it also turns into fat very fast and can cause you diabetes.

How to prepare a nice cup of linden tea? Well, as I told you in the last post, there are many ways of preparing tea. I will present one of the easiest and most common ways. If you don’t have water from a spring or a fountain there is no big deal, you can use normal water.You put the water to boil on a small fire until bubbles the size of crab eyes start appearing. After that you stop the fire and add the linden tea. Now comes the big question, how much? Well there is no “how much”. Of course you can’t add to much or too little, it depends on what effect you want it to have. I suggest you add a small handful of flower at lets say 600-700 ml of water, then again I’m not an expert, but this is the regular way I do my tea when I want to drink a hot linden tea, like I’m doing right now. After that you cover the bowl or what ever is that thing you boiled the water into and leave it there for 3 minutes. Some say 5 to 10 minutes but then again it depends on how concentrated you want it to be. After 3 minutes, strain the tea and throw the remaining flowers away. You can add honey and you can drink it while it is hot or if you prefer let it cool and if it is a hot day drink it with some cold ice and some lime.

More to come on the linden tree, I will write some interesting things about it and the honey that is made from its flowers.