Chamomile Tea

This is an introduction in chamomile tea. This plant is very easy to find, you can find it on the side of the streets, in almost any forest or on plains along flowers and it can even grow in your back yard.

This plant has a variety of uses, I will only write a short introduction on this tea and some benefits that you can get from drinking this kind of tea.
First of all it helps stop muscular cramps and stomach cramps. I once had a problem with muscular cramps during sleep and I was very agitated and couldn’t rest well…guess what was the solution? Yes, chamomile tea. This tea is very good because it not only has internal use, but also external use. It is very good for your skin, eyes and throat. You can combine a chamomile infusion with a hot bath and you will clear your skin very well. Also for those who suffer from acne and facial rash I strongly recommend to wash your face three times a day with chamomile tea.

Liver illness can be avoided or ameliorated by drinking this kind of tea. It also helps repair scared tissue because of its compounds. If you are cold or if you have fever it is recommended to drink chamomile tea because it makes you sweat a lot, so it reduces fever and adjusts the body temperature.

If you had a stressful day or if you simply have a headache it is recommended to take 1 gram of pulverized chamomile flowers 2-3 hours after lunch. If you don’t like the tastes you can combine the pulverized flowers with some honey to add up a sweet taste.

This is all for this introduction, tomorrow I will write some methods on different ways to prepare tea and other things from chamomile. Until then, stay healthy!

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