Yarrow Tea

One of my favorite tea to drink in the morning because of its great healing properties and great effects on the human body.

Why do I love this to so much in the morning? Well, simply because it has the magnificent property to heal wounded tissue and to help it recover and it is very good for your stomach. It also has a wide range of uses and comes in handy in a lot of illnesses. I’m going to write down some of the illnesses when this kind of tea is recommended.
Anorexia, enterocolitis, gastritis, colic hepatic bronchitis, hipermenoree, dysmenorrhea (pain soothes and regulates heavy bleeding), hemorrhoids, cystitis. It is also very useful when you have intestinal worms.Use it by boiling 10 g in 100ml of water and drink it in the morning before breakfast.

It acts directly to your spine that is why it is indicated if you have spine problems also it fastens up the renewal of the blood. It also eliminates bloating and stomach cramps. Because of its vast uses there are so many ways of using and drinking this tea or using the flowers of the plant.I have written about some of its healing properties in another article.Know I am going to focus on the basics of tea and the basic tea you can get from boiling this plant or more exactly its flowers.

First of all remember one rule so that the water for the tea to be perfect. Boil the water until bubbles the size of crab eyes starts to appear.After that for 250 ml of water add one full spoon of yarrow flowers and let it to infuse for 1-2 minutes.After that filter the water and drink the tea while its hot.

Another great use (bonus) for t he yarrow plant is a nice hot bath using the full plant.You need 100g of yarrow, full plant. You leave it to macerate in cold water for 12 hours.After that boil the mixture for 4 to 5 minutes, filter the water and added into your hot bath.

That is all for today. Hope this simple recipes will help you gain a better health or maintain a balance in your life. This is like an introduction, I will resume with more recipes regarding the yarrow plant and its benefits and more recipes that contain yarrow. All of this just because it is an wonderful plant that has a variety of benefits that should not be ignored or wasted.

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  1. It is also excellent for cuts or nosebleeds. The crushed leaves applied will stop the blood, and yarrow is antiviral,antimicrobial,antibacterial, yarrow applied to cuts or scrapes will heal it faster than antibacterial ointments will…by days!

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