Green Tea Diet

Today I wanna focus on how you can use green tea to eliminate fat and maintain your weight balance. Nowadays many people have weight problems.

You probably heard that the green tea helps you in diets and helps you lose weight. Bu how can you actually use its properties to eliminate fat and stop new fat from adding up. Well it is kind of simple. You have to know some basic properties of the green tea.

One of the key properties of the green tea, when taking fat into consideration, is that the green tea can actually eliminates fat. How does it work? After you drink a cup of green tea your body temperature starts rising and a processes called thermogenesis starts burning the fats and accelerating the metabolism. This takes us to the second key property of this tea. That is the maintaining a balanced appetite and right after you’ve had a cup of green tea the metabolism is accelerated.

Green tea is a natural energizer. It gives you a lot of energy, most because of its vitamins and other key compounds that I’m not going to mention them. How does this property helps you lose weight? Combined with what was written above you will be forced to eat less food or in other words you will have your energy input so you will need to consume less food tho balance your energy.

Now it is not enough to know the green tea benefits. You have to know how to use them and for what to use them. I’ve written in other posts how to prepare a tea. That is a general basic method, you will see in the future that the preparation of a good tea takes time, practice and lots of knowledge (with this I want to say that in the future I will write about Cha-no-yu and other tea ceremonies). So you will use a basic infusion method to prepare a regular green tea.

If you want to use it along with diets you should ask your doctor or nutritionist how and when to use it, if you want to lose help by yourself without following a diet I recommend you this next method. Drink a medium cup of green tea in the morning and before breakfast and before lunch. Try to drink it without sweetening it.Try to drink it worm so that your body temperature won’t rise fast or too high.

I don’t recommend green tea in the evening or before going to bed because it gives you a lot of energy and you won’t have a good night sleep. Try having a linden tea instead,before going to bed.

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